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Earth Week!

  • April 16th – Call Congress Day

    Let’s participate in Citizen’s Climate Lobby Monthly Calling Campaign here!

  • April 17th – Weekly Webinar

    Professor Paulette Stenzel from Michigan State University will be presenting on the Effects of Climate Change on Michigan’s Water Through the Lens of the Triple Bottom Line at 5:00 PM. More info coming soon!

  • April 18th – Flood Blog Post

    We would love to have some new posts to the blog! Send them to use anytime leading up to April 18th!

  • April 19th – Earth Day Summit

    The Newark, Delaware Climate Reality Chapter is holding a summit with different climate activists sharing their stories and they are doing. More info coming soon!

  • April 20th – FLOW: Mission and What You Can Do Webinar

    FLOW, an organization in Traverse City that works to conserve Michigan’s water, will be presenting on their mission and what we can do to help conserve Michigan’s water at 5:00 PM. More info soon, in the meantime, you can check them out here!

  • April 21st – Seaspiracy

    We will watch the new Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, to learn about trawling and the effects of harmful human activity on marine life at 5:00 PM in celebration of our Water Conservation Campaign Launch!

  • April 22nd – Earth Day!

    Get Outdoors! We want to celebrate Earth Day away from screens and by getting outdoors! Have fun!