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Our Campaigns for 2021

Climate Reality Lansing is working hard to make sure that there will be real change in the Lansing area and will be achieving goals through our campaigns and initiatives.

Our Climate Moment: Let’s Get to Work


  • Encourage environmental legislation to be passed
  • Encourage members of congress to take action against climate change
Current Opportunities

Support H.R.1 – the For the People Act: Protect and strengthen our right to vote, especially in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. Combat corruption by passing pro-ethics measures to clean up our government. End the dominance or big money politics so the people’s voice can be heard.

  • Enter your address here to receive the script and phone numbers for your members of congress

Message board for Senator Stabenow to support putting a price on carbon. Please submit this soon!

S. 1359 – Clean Energy Standard Act of 2019

  • Requires retail electricity suppliers
Past Opportunities

Congressional Call-In Day

H.R. 763 Postcard Project

Plastic Pollution Reduction


  • Encourage our community and businesses to reduce their plastic consumption
Current Opportunities
  1. Fill out plastic pollution from to count how many pieces of trash you picked up each month
    • March’s goal is 100 pieces
  2. Send us your photos of you picking up trash to post on the Instagram and Facebook
    • This encourages others to pick up trash
Past Opportunities

February Plastic Pollution Form

  • We picked up 73 pieces of litter total which exceeded our goal of 30!

Water Pollution


  • Find ways to limit the pollution in the Red Cedar River
Current Opportunities
  1. Research ways to protect our local waters from pollution
    • Email us any organizations to collaborate with or actions we can take
  2. Check this out!
Past Opportunities

Meeting with Ruth Kline-Robach to learn more about the pollution in the Red Cedar River and ways that we can get involved

Presentation and Education Development


  • Educate the community about climate change, what they can do to fight it, and how to find their voice
Current Opportunities
  1. Become a trained Climate Reality Leader
  2. Come to weekly webinars every Saturday at 5:00 PM to learn about a multitude of topics and hear from guest speakers
  3. Tell us of any elementary or middle schools who might be interested in receiving a presentation!
  4. If you know of any organization or group of people looking to find out more about climate change, let us know and we can present to them!
Past Opportunities

Weekly Webinars

Creating videos to education elementary schoolers