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Why are we Creating a Water Conservation Campaign?

Hi all! My name is Bernadette Osborn, I am a 17-year-old climate activist, and I am the Vice-Chair of this chapter! Since it is Earth Week and our chapter is creating a new water conservation campaign, I would like to discuss why we are making this new campaign. About a month ago, I watched SeaspiracyContinue reading “Why are we Creating a Water Conservation Campaign?”

5 Everyday Things you Can do to Help Protect the Planet

Hi there! I’m Mia Chen, a Lansing Climate Reality member and trained Climate Reality leader. In honor of Earth Week, I’ve compiled 5 every-day things you can do to help protect the planet! Be conscious about your food waste Throwing away large quantities of food not only wastes food, but resources as well. According toContinue reading “5 Everyday Things you Can do to Help Protect the Planet”